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What would happen if we didn’t let fear hold us back?

What could we accomplish for the Kingdom of God if we did what God asked and didn’t care what other people thought?

“Weakness isn’t something any of us like to admit. Through her vulnerability, my brave friend Casey shares the freedom and healing that comes when we exchange our weakness for God’s strength. As you read this book I pray that you too will experience the beauty in being Perfectly Weak.”

Kim Masengale,
Lead Pastor’s Wife at The Summit Church
Pastor of Summit Women


“Vulnerable. Powerful. Authentic. Eye-opening. Perfectly Weak enlightens the readers to the very strength that comes from weakness when it is surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ. You’ll take a deep breath with a renewed “I can do this” perspective after reading this honest account of Casey’s own experiences–both high’s and low’s.”

Bridgette Tomlin,
Founder of Sanctuary//Ministry to Ministry Wives
Ministry Partner with Chresten Tomlin Ministries, Tulsa, OK

Casey Graves has shared her story.
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Instead of seeing all I wasn’t, I began to see all God is in me.

Casey Graves, Perfectly Weak

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